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They were pretending to be neighborhood people, carrying on a casual conversation on the corner, but I knew they were the same guys I'd seen standing outside the library when I'd left it a half hour before, in downtown Chicago. I was quite curious, but lacked the nerve to approach them and ask what they wanted.

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They might want my wallet and watch, and then where'd I be? So I just slammed the door of my sedan, and started up the walk toward Susan's house, pretending I hadn't noticed them. I wished there were more people out on their porches, but the autumn evenings had been turning colder, and hardly anyone came out. I rang the bell of the two-story bungalow where Susan lived with her folks, and was reassured to hear the sound of footsteps coming to answer the chimes.

Baker, Susan's mother, opened the door. Here, let me take your hat. Baker, Susan's father, puffed at his pipe and tried to engage me in light conversation on the subject of burglary.

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He was usually about to go out to work about the time I showed up to see Susan. It helped. As long as we were on the subject of crime, I mentioned those two guys who seemed to have followed me from the Loop.

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Baker laughed. Baker came in with a tray. I thanked her, and she laughed and went out into the kitchen again. Then a light patter of feet on the hall stairs announced the arrival of Miss Susan Baker, and I jumped gratefully to my feet Isn't it adorable? It was a three-seater; she and I filled the one and three cushions. I arose and poured out two glasses of lemonade, gave one to her, and sat back with the other, on the two-cushion. No thank you. But thank YOU for asking me.

I began to sip mine. I searched my mind for a topic of conversation. The Bakers had no TV. I found one and made the most of it. Susan flashed me a look of deep longing. All at once, I wanted to scream. I couldn't stand it any longer. Eschewing caution, I set my lemonade back on the tray, reached over and took Susan's and put it beside mine, then I slid onto the two-cushion and grabbed her by the upper arms. Mother might come in!

Once—just this once—stop blathering all your usual inanities and give me your attention, please! She stared at me, blinking rapidly, then said she would listen if I'd only let go of her arms. I let go. She listened. I mean, I should be the happiest man in the world, but I'm not.

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I don't know why. Here I am, with a steady job, chances for advancement and retirement, engaged to a lovely, young, intelligent girl, whose folks like and approve of me, with a raise in pay d ue in a few months, and my wedding date set for next June, and it's driving me out of my mind! All of it. I-I don't know. It's just that Well, I keep having the feeling that life has, much more to offer, that's all. Oh, what's the use! Of course I loved her! Maybe because I constantly feel I'm not reaching you I mean conversationally. No, I don't mean that, either.

It's Magic, You Dope by Jack Sharkey

It's like we don't relate, or mesh, or come in at the same terminal. Does that make sense?

She hadn't understood a word I said. I stood up tall, glaring down at her. Would that be exciting? Even that. Anything, Al. Only don't go. Please don't go! I took her gently into my arms and held her, slowly shaking my head. I just don't know. Maybe I need to get off someplace and think. I'm a little upset tonight.

If I just drive around for awhile, maybe I can settle my mind a little. I'll see you later. I felt like a heel as I drove away from the curb, trying to get my mind back into a calm, orderly state. My own house was just around the block from Susan's, so I decided to drive the car there and leave it. I'd get more thinking done walking than driving. I pulled into my driveway and doused the headlights.

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Just ahead of the nose of the car, and slightly to its left, I could see the bright yellow rectangles that were the kitchen windows of Susan's house. Now and then a shadow moved past them. Probably Mrs. Baker, making more cookies and lemonade.

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A smaller shadow trailed after the first one. That would be Timothy Baker, Susan's younger brother. I'd met him relatively few times, since Mrs. I got out of the car and locked it, but just as I was about to walk back out toward the street to begin my meditative peregrinations, I remembered the six-pack of beer in my refrigerator and the remnants of a loaf of rye bread and some ham from Sunday's dinner.

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