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Riga Art Nouveau Tour

Well worth a visit. It is Horta's house as it was a years ago. Absolutly marvellous. The museum website has some beautiful pictures of the house and collections. Presented in Wolfer shopwindows designed in by Victor Horta yet no more Art Nouveau The masterpiece : art nouveau sculpture of the mysterious Sphinx Brussels, See also a vase by Guimard and a chandelar by Van de Velde. Nearly only belgian Art Nouveau.

This museum let you admire glass works from to , including the Art Nouveau period from Belgium , France and Bohemia. One room is also dedicated to G. Serrurier Bovy, one of the most well known Belgian Art Nouveau cabinet maker. This museum was contributed by Jean Philippe Lamps. House transformed by P Saintenoy in Art Nouveau style between and Placards from his stay in Paris and Prague, drafts, pictures of his models and paintings with interesting comments on the art works. Good film about Mucha's life. Almost all his work is evocated but the "Slavian epic". Very few objects are to be shown in this museum despite of the large collection : WMF and keyzerzin glass, Loetz glass, Kotera furniture And a large czech cubism furniture.

The guided tour are not organised regularly ;-. You should check on the web site before setting up your travel to Prague. There are three restaurants and one bar that can be always seen, but the most wonderful rooms, decorated by Mucha himself, are not available for free visit. French Art Nouveau is well represented placards, furniture, jewellery, Isolated pieces of work by Mackintosh , Hoffmann, Van de velde, Pankok and the Rosenburg pottery workshop.

Skaerbaeck was part of Germany at the time of Art Nouveau. It was well known for its weaving school. It presents a large collection of carpets from the above weaving school as well as Art Nouveau applied art objects. Under restoration during Part of the collection is still visible Serrurier bovy's furniture, Delaherche's ceramics. Collections from the cabaret "le chat noir". It is also the place where Claude Monet painted his famous water lilies. The museum itself is in a Rennaissance revival style Some Art Nouveau glass but overall a reconstruction of Guimard's bedroom of his house , avenue Mozart.

A must. The house is not Art Nouveau in itself. Outside, there is a garden where you can find plants that influenced the Nancy Art Nouveau design. Inside, each room has been reconstructed with original furniture by the most wellknown artists of Nancy. Every room is a marvel in itself and the whole let you have a good feeling of that time. No photography allowed even with tripod. Pierre Cardin's collection. Visible under guided tour or diner.


The web site is not frequently updated. I would suggest to book by phone as the web site is not always up to date. And there should be someone to answer the phone either a few minutes before the start of the guided tours or in the evening when the restaurant is open. In my opinion, the most interesting piece is the restaurant and the attached bars with a wonderful and complete original design by Marnez inspired by horse chestnut tree leaves that has been conserved over the years.

Two AN rooms are reconstructed as they were, for our great pleasure. Warning : I recently heard that these two rooms were closed on afternoons. You'd better call the museum before you come.

The only non French artist that is represented significantly is Louis Comfort Tiffany. Lots of different objects from French and Belgian Art Nouveau furniture, stain glass, vases Some isolated works from Glasgow, Germany, Wien including Thonet works. Lack of historical reconstruction. Some very nice Art Nouveau wall paper web site in French and English.

Masterpieces by Mucha and Grasset. A book about the Art Nouveau collection of Rixheim museum is also available at the museum.

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This museum host among others an art nouveau collection in two rooms. Museum opened in Lalique's work as a jeweller is Art Nouveau.


Then he moves to Art Deco with crisl work. The collection has two areas of primary interest: decorative arts and painting. And nowdays a painting Gallery since The outside has been wonderfully restored to its original shape and inside you can still admire the staircase and some wood crafts. Large collection of glass works. Pieces of furniture by Darmstadt AN artists that are put together without any will of reconstruction. The building in itself was designed by Olbrich and is one of the nicest AN building in Darmstadt.

It is also named the Ernst Ludwig Haus. Guided tour is compulsory in German only. Cameras prohibited.

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One room that is not mentioned in any guide is dedicated to Art Nouveau. It is worth to see it even if the visit conditions are bloody poor. No catalog nor postcard available. This museum was pointed out by Jean Philippe Lamps. See the wonderful AN porch of the machine room. Art Nouveau ceramics from Gera factories and Art Nouveau from the areas of textiles, paper, glass, metal, jewellery.

It is the private residence of Osthaus built by Van de Velde in Matisse and Thorn Prikker also participated to the decoration. This was built by Van de Velde as Folkwang Museum, then transformed and partly restored in as a museum. Pewter designs produced in the first quarter of this century by the firm 'J. Kayser Sohn'. A must! The catalog is a huge index.


It is available at the moment till letter F and is already pages thick. This museum was recommended by Jean Philippe Lamps. Nearly one floor dedicated to Art Nouveau and the rest of it to Art Deco. There are two catalogs, one thick and one thin, both in German. Vase by Van de Velde. Inside 12 paintings about the ring story. Their catalogue is pages with 86 color and black and white pictures. Museum pointed out by Peter Traks. It has plenty of Art Nouveau objects but they are not often on show no space for them.

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It is little, but it is worth visiting it. This museum consists of five halls and illustrates the industrial and handicraft production of costume jewellery. On display more than 5, items brooches, earrings, necklaces, cuff-links, pendants, etc. The display is supplemented by a vast photographic documentation.

Art Nouveau (DK Collector's Guides)

It also houses the mock-ups of the workshops. The gallery is housed in the atelier of sculptor Rinaldo Carnielo ; it displays models and sculptures by the artist.

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